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Attorney Et Al virtually created computerized legal education as we know it now in 1995 when it developed the first computer program to verify completion of an online or cdrom cle program. This allowed for the first time completion on an online or cdrom course to be treated the same as a live lecture. Attorney Et Al did not patent its technology but instead gave it free to the world. Attorney et El followed the principle of Benjamin Franklin who never patented any of his inventions. His life motto was,

Do well by doing Good”

As a result of Attorney Et Al’s actions, virtually very university, college and educational institution offers distant learning programs based on the verification of attendance technology pioneered by Attorney Et Al and given free to the world to promote education worldwide.

Now Attorney Et Al is once again extending education in the legal profession having created the first complete social media site by Attorneys for the Legal Profession. The site is free in all aspects. Revenue is derived solely on advertisements which is based on viewage

Nonattorneys can use this site to search for an attorney, pose questions to attorneys on their legal issues and review the expert legal articles posted by an attorney as well as an attorney’s  blog before deciding whether to contact the attorney.

So to maximize viewage and traffic to the site, Attorney Et Al has designed and will continue to improve its site by every means possible so as to attract virtually every attorney and legal professional to use its free services.

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Poised for West Coast Dominance, Democrats Eye Grand Agenda                                                         By ALEXANDER BURNS and KIRK JOHNSON Nov 3 nytimes.com

State Dept. letter could pave way for deporting 300,000 immigrants with protected status

By Nick Miroff and Karen DeYoung Washington Post Nov 3

Democrats Lack Strong Challengers for Some Vulnerable G.O.P. House Seats

Nate Cohn @Nate_Cohn OCT. 24, 2017 nytimes.com

Major Networks Ignore Donna Brazile Claim that DNC Rigged 2016 Primary for Clinton

by Don Irvine on November 3, 2017 aim.org

Washington Post: Democrats’ Claim about GOP’s Tax Plan is False

by Accuracy In Media on November 3, 2017

Brazile discredits the ‘democratic’ pretensions of her party

November 3, 2017 American Thinker

Abe to reach for J-pop, golf to avoid Trump trade deal

By WILLIAM PESEK   atimes.com Nov3

‘Mafia’ politics: Pakistan’s main parties bin anti-graft body

By F.M. SHAKIL Nov 3 atimes.com


Is China withholding funds from Duterte?

By BONG S SARMIENTO atimes.com Nov3

Spain Issues Arrest Warrant for Ousted Catalan Leader and Cabinet Members

By Aritz Parra and Lorne Cook / AP | Nov. 3, 2017 TIME

Tillerson: Protections no longer needed for certain migrants

By The Washington Post east Bay Times Nov 03

Orioles decline 2018 options for lefty Wade Miley, shortstop J.J. Hardy

Jon Meoli Baltimore Sun Nov3

Krueger: Garoppolo deal has all the right looks

By Larry Krueger  East Bay Times   Nov 02

Earthquakes GM: No more lopsided defeats for 2018 season

Elliott Almond East Bay Time Nov 3

How Raiders think they can get their mojo back

By Matt Schneidman East Bay Times Nov 02,

Aguero Once Again Proves His Place at Manchester City                                                               by 90Min SI Nov3

Hey! A Baboon Took My Golf Ball!                                                                                                                                                                           By JOHN CLARKE           Nov 3 mytimes.com

Full of Swagger and ‘Hockey Genius,’ Clayton Keller a Bright Spot for Coyotes                                  by Alex Prewitt SI Nov3

Tiger Woods: ‘We need to do something about the golf ball’

by Alan Bastable Golf.com Nov 3

The 15 Can’t-Miss Games of the College Hoops Non-Conference Schedule                                    by Tyler Horka SI Nov3

Marlins won’t bring Ichiro back for 2018; team makes another Yankees hire                                         Tim Healey Sun Sentinel Nov3

Georgia, the Playoff Committee’s Top Dawg, Holds Off South Carolina                                                   By MARC TRACY nytimes.com Nov 4

The N.F.L.’s Most Valuable Player Might Be … a Punter?

By BEN SHPIGELNOV. 2, 2017 nytimes.com

Here’s How the Republican Tax Plan Would Personally Help Donald Trump

By Nash Jenkins | Nov. 3, 2017 TIME

Here’s Who Hates the Republican Tax Plan

By Maya Rhodan | Nov. 3, 2017 TIME

How China’s Economy Is Poised to Win the Future

By Ian Bremmer | Nov. 2, 2017 TIME

Many listeners tune out Pandora; investors give it a pummeling

By Rex Crum East Bay Times. Nov 03

Export Products, Not Profits                                                                                                                    HUNT LAWRENCE AND DANIEL J. FLYNN Spectator.org Nov4

Detroit: From Motor City to Housing Incubator                                                                                           By MATTHEW GOLDSTEIN nytimes.com Nov 3

Abolishing the State Tax Deduction Is Not Conservative                                                                           BRANDON CROCKER Spectator.org

Congress Poised to Bailout Insurers, Fleece Taxpayers                                                                    BETSY MCCAUGHEY Spectator.org

Tax Bill Has Gifts for Conservatives Like Rights for Unborn                                                                     By JEREMY W. PETERS and DEBORAH SOLOMON nytimes.com Nov 3

There’s a Plague Outbreak in Madagascar. Here’s What You Should Know

By Alexandra Sifferlin | Nov. 2, 2017 time

This Is the Number-One Cause of Stress for Americans

By Alexandra Sifferlin | Nov. 1, 2017 time

A ‘Happy Place’ Is Popping Up in Los Angeles Because Even Californians Get Sad

By Raisa Bruner | Nov. 1, 2017 TIME

Trump pushes for ACA mandate repeal in tax bill

By The Washington Post November 03,

Kids and soda: It’s even worse than we thought

By Karen D’Souza East Bay Times Nov 03

House Votes to Repeal Obamacare’s ‘Death Panel’                                                                                   DAVID CATRON spectator,org Nov 3

Judge Backs Trump on Obamacare Subsidies                                                                                       DAVID CATRON Spectator.org

Obamacare Repeal Could Strengthen Medicaid


America’s Other Epidemic: Chronic Untreated Pain                                                                                     DEBRA J. SAUNDERS Spectator.org

C.D.C. Reports a Record Jump in Drug Overdose Deaths Last Year                                                       By SHEILA KAPLAN Nytimes,com Nov 3

Do Prepackaged Salad Greens Lose Their Nutrients?                                                                               By RONI CARYN RABIN nytimes.com Nov 3

Running a Marathon? Think Hot Tub, Not Ice Bath, Afterward                                                                  By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS NOV. 1, 2017 nytimes.com

F.D.A. Warns Companies Against Claims That Marijuana Cures Diseases

By SHEILA KAPLANNOV. 1, 2017 nytimes.com

Inflammation in Midlife Tied to Brain Shrinkage Later in Life                                                                    By NICHOLAS BAKALAR Nov 1 nytimes.com


The Wizarding World’s Coolest Dad Actually Built a Life-Size Diagon Alley for His KidsBy Raisa Bruner | Nov. 2, 2017 TIME

The Internet Could Not the Handle the World Series Happening on Halloween Night

By Megan McCluskey | Nov. 1, 2017 TIME

Jury rejects death sentence for woman who killed roommate for insurance money

Rafael Olmeda Sun Sentinel Nov 3

Sex Scandal Embroils California Capitol                                                                                     STEVEN GREENHUT Spectator.org Nov 3

Independence for Catalonia Threatens Spain and Europe                                                        EVAN MAGUIRE Spectator.org

Billionaire Investor Snared in Arrest of 11 Saudi Princes                                                                 By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK Nov 3 nytimes.com

What Did Bernie Sanders Learn in His Weekend in Canada?

MARGOT SANGER-KATZ Nov 3 nytimes.com

What an Astros Win Means for Healing in Houston

By MANNY FERNANDEZ NOV. 3, 2017 nytimes.com

Why Flood Insurance in U.S. Is Broke and Broken

By MARY WILLIAMS WALSH Nov 3 nytimes.com