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This site is unique and the very first of its type. It allows anyone to both freely post and read legal questions on any area of law to lawyers. These questions can be searched by anyone using area of law, city and state as search terms. No registration is required to view questions posted. It is free for anyone to do so.

The idea for this site page came about when an attorney was asked to recommend a referral for an area of law in which he did not practice. The attorney did not know anyone in the field to refer and could think of no other way to find one other than asking other attorneys. It was decided that better way to find competent attorneys should exist.

Now a person seeking an attorney can pose a question for lawyers limited to the city and state for which the person needs. Attorneys can search the questions for specific areas of law along with city or state and decide to answer if new clients are sought. The person posing the questions that can then compare the responses and then go further and look up the attorneys’ web pages on this site and any expert legal article posted herein and then decide which attorneys to consult. This is better than asking a stranger for a referral or simply deciding based on a static resume posted on the Internet or a commercial played on radio or television. Now objective criteria can be obtained and put into play to help find a competent attorneys

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How to Search Questions Effectively


To effectively narrow a search to only questions of interest and to those specific states that you want THEN use as your search terms the specific area of area of law from the list on this page, the state/city you are interested and possibly the date.

For example if you seek posted questions on Administrative Law, for Nevada and March 2017 THEN using those as your search TERMS will only yield specific questions to attorneys on Administrative Law, in Nevada and posted in March 2017.

This way everyone, both attorneys and the public can limit and view only questions on areas of law for locations which they are interested.



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