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State Page

Sec of State


Attorney General



Abandoned Mine Lands & Reclamation,Office of


Accountancy, Board of

Acupuncture Board

Addressing and Mapping Board, Statewide

Adjutant General’s Office

Administration, Department of

Administration, Office of

Administrative Law Division

Administrative Services Division


Aeronautics Commission

Agricultural Statistics Service

Agriculture, Department of

Air National Guard, WV

Air Quality Board.

Air Quality, Division of

Alcohol Beverage Control Administration

Americans with Disabilities Act Office

Animal Health Division

Architects, Board of

Archives and History Commission

Army National Guard, WV

Arts, WV Commission on the

Athletic Commission

Attorney General, Office Of

Auditor, Office of State

Authentications & Certifications Division

Aviation Division

Bar, State

Budget Office, State

Cedar Lakes Conference Center

Center for Threat Preparedness

Charitable Organizations Division

Chief Medical Examiner, Office of

Child Support Enforcement, Bureau for

Children and Families, Bureau for

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Chiropractic, Board of

Claims, Court of

Coal Forum

Coal Heritage Highway Authority

College Foundation of West Virginia

Commerce, Department of

Communications and Legislative Affairs, Office of

Communications Division

Community and Rural Health Services, Office of

Community and Technical College System

Community and Technical College System of WV

Community Service, Commission for National and

Conservation Agency

Consolidated Public Retirement Board

Consumer Advocate Division of the Public Service Commission

Corrections, Division of

Counseling, Board of Examiners in

Court Improvement Program

Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority, West Virginia

Crime Victims Compensation Fund

Culture and History, Division of


Economic Development Authority

Economic Opportunity, Office of

Economic Research, Dept. of Labor and

Education and the Arts, Department of

Education, State Department of

Education, West Virginia Board of

Educational Network, West Virginia

Elections Division

Emergency Medical Services, Office of

Energy, Division of

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Board

Environmental Advocate, Office of

Environmental Enforcement, Office of

Environmental Health Services, Office of

Environmental Protection, Department of

Environmental Quality BoardEnvironmental Quality Board

Environmental Remediation, Office of

Epidemiology and Health Promotion, Office of

Epidemiology and Prevention Services, Office of

Equal Employment Opportunity Office

Ethics Commission

Explosives & Blasting, Office of

Finance Division

Financial Institutions, Division of

Fire Commission, State

Fish Management

Fleet Management, Division of

Foresters, Board of Registration for

Forestry, Division of

Funeral Service Examiners, Board of

General Services Division

Geological and Economic Survey

GIS Coordinator’s Office

GIS Technical Center

Government and Finance, Joint Committee on

Governor’s Office of Health Enhancement and Lifestyle Planning (GOHELP)

Office of the Governor

Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority

Health and Human Resources, Department of

Health Care Authority

Health Facility Licensure and Certification, Office Of

Health Information Network

Health Statistics Center

Hearing Aid Dealers, Board of

Higher Education Policy Commission

Highways Division

Historic Preservation

Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Division of

House of Delegates

Housing Development Fund

Human Rights Commission.

Humanities Council


Information Technology Office


Insurance Commission

Investment Management Board

Job Training Programs Division, Employment Service

Judges, Office of, Workers’ Compensation

Justice and Community Services, Divison Of

Juvenile Services, Division ofLabor, Division of

Land Restoration, Division of

Landscape Architects, Board of

Lawyer Disciplinary BoardLegal Services Office


Library Commission

Licensed Practical Nurses, Board of Examiners for

Lottery Commission

Marketing and Development Division

Massage Therapy Licensure Board

Maternal, Child, and Family Health, Office Of

Meat and Poultry Inspection Division

Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners

Medical Services, Bureau for

Medicine, Board of

Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital

Military Affairs and Public Safety, Department of

Mine Safety and Technical Review Committee

Miners’ Health, Safety and Training, Office of

Mining and Reclamation, Division of

Minority Affairs, Herbert Henderson Office of

Motor Vehicles, Division of

Mountaineer Challenge Academy

Municipal Bond Commission

Municipal Pensions Oversight Board

Natural Resources, Division of

Notary Public Division

Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board

Nutrition Services, Office of

Occupational Therapy, Board of

Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Oil and Gas, Office of

Optometry, Board of

Organization and Human Resource Development

Osteopathic Medicine, Board of

Parkways, Economic Development, and Tourism Authority

Parole, Board of

Partnerships to Assure Student Success

Performance Management and Systems Development, Office of

Personnel Division

Pharmacy, Board of

Physical Therapy, Board of

Plant Industries Division

Professional Development, Center for

Professional Engineers, Board of Registration for

Prosecuting Attorneys Institute

Protective Services, Division of

Psychologists, Board of Examiners of

Public Broadcasting

Public Defender Services

Public Employees Credit Union

Public Employees Grievance Board

Public Employees Insurance Agency

Public Health, Bureau for

Public Information Office

Public Port Authority

Public Service Commission

Public Transit, Division of

Purchasing Division

Racing Commission

Railroad Authority, Division of State\

Ready WV

Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board

Real Estate Commission

Real Estate, Division of

Region II Planning and Development Council

Regional Community Policing Institute

Regional Intergovernmental Council

Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority

Registered Professional Nurses, Board of Examiners for

Regulatory and Environmental Affairs

Rehabilitation Services, Division of

Respiratory Care, Board of

Revenue, Department of

Risk and Insurance Management, Board of

WV Region 2 Workforce Sanitarians, Board of Registration for

School Building Authority

Secretary of State

Senior Services, Bureau of

Service of Process Division

Social Work Examiners, Board of

Solid Waste Management Board

Speech-Language, Pathology and Audiology, Board of Examiners for

State Parks & Forests

State Police, WV

State Senate

Statewide Interoperable Radio Network, West Virginia

Supreme Court of Appeals

Surface Mine Board

Surplus Property

Surveyors, Board of Professional

Tax Appeals, Office of

Tax Department

Technology, Office of

Tourism, Division of

Transportation, Department of

Travel Management Office

Treasurer, Office of State

Treasury Investments, Board of

Unemployment Compensation, Division of

Uniform Commercial Code Division

Veterans Assistance, Department of

Veterinary Medicine, Board of

Water and Waste Management, Division of

Water Development Authority

West Virginia Film Office

West Virginia Network

West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission

West Virginia Small Business Plan

West Virginia Workforce Investment Council

Women’s Commission

Work Force West Virginia

WV Association of Licensing Boards