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We can follow your own to DIY your favourite style

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Now’s focus here, two of my favourite island brings me most of which stage is that the uncontrolled BOSS warfare and raiding, I believe that among those players who played at the island also have had these experiences, once the bat magic, abandoned city raid This is to rely on all to work together so as to kill and adopted, the island remains a continuation of these two characteristics, and do really nicely, many are new BOSS Oh, the damage flashy flashy skills, BOSS difficulty heavily strengthened, BOSS players like the challenge with MapleStory2 Mesos, however there are benefits, and it will kill BOSS and burst by means of a copy of a good deal of very good equipment and update the skills of gems Oh!

Copy of the team, too, must be a concerted effort to collaborate with one another to pass, following adjusting large rewards have (full time foundation position came out, think there is a small excited, ha ha ~).Then there is the fashion that attracted me Maplestory 2 Oh! Whether or sister who then have the man who set your ears up, if I inform you that the island is not in style two fixed routine, we can follow your own to DIY your favourite style, so individuals who like to yourself people dressed sister and the man who will consider how to get how to get!

(2 years because the island has DIY fashion, my mother no longer have to fret about my personalities and folks would like a) when we feel there’s a really handsome or beautiful fashion, is available through the mall to market to everyone to share ( How much you use other people’s stuff to cover points Well ~), and the mall is going to be ranked Oh, by the fashion individuals who create the most money in the mall will be displayed on a single ranking DIY game so great Godthe island where you can play Your talent can earn big gold Oh!

Maplestory 2 additionally has PVP, this is the time to test the newly added heard a lot of fun! All these are feelings and the adventures I get from this evaluation, I expect to discuss it with everyone! For the first time to write something forgive me ah!

Additionally want for love Maplestory and Maplestory2 domestic players state Maplestory2 really is a game worth playing, film quality characters, gameplay diversity and die plate, suitable for all sorts of players to encounter! While this might lead people to advance the spraybut I can say that I expect Maplestory2 early beta in the country, Official MapleStory 2 Wiki to ensure that more gamers and adored Maplestory2 loyal Maplestory players to have the sport as soon as possible!