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Executive Departments
State Agencies, Departments, Boards & Commissions

Accountancy, Board of

Accounting, Division of

Acupuncturist Advisory Committee, Missouri

Administration, Office of

Administrative Hearing Commission

Administrative Law Judge Review Committee

Advisory Committee for 911 Service Oversight

AgriMissouri Advisory Commission for Marketing Missouri Agricultural Products

Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority, Missouri

Agriculture, Department of

Air Conservation Commission

Alternative Fuels Commission, Missouri

Amber Alert System Oversight Committee

Amusement Ride Safety Board

Anesthesiologist Assistants, Advisory Commission for

Appellate Judicial Commission

Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors, and Landscape Architects, Missouri Board for

Archives, State

Area Health Education Centers Council, Missouri

Arts Council, Missouri

Assistive Technology Advisory Council, Missouri

Attorney General


Autism Spectrum Disorders, Missouri Commission on

Banking Board and Savings and Loan Board

Behavioral Health, Division of

Bi-State Development Agency of the Missouri-Illinois Metropolitan District

Blasting Safety Board, State

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules, Board of

Brain Injury Advisory Council

Budget and Planning, Division of

Business and Community Services, Division of

Certification of Interpreters, Board of

Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board

Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board A

Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board B

Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board C

Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board D

Child Advocate, Office of

Children’s Trust Fund Board

Chiropractic Examiners, Board of

Clay County Board of Election Commissioners

Clean Water Commission

Clinical Perfusionists, Advisory Commission for

Community Engagement, Office of

Community Service Commission, Missouri (MCSC)

Compensation for Elected Officials, Missouri Citizens’ Commission on

Comprehensive Entry Point System for Long Term Care

Conservation Commission

Conservation, Department of

Consolidated Health Care Plan, Missouri (MCHCP)

Corrections Officer Certification Commission

Corrections, Citizens Advisory Committee on

Corrections, Department of

Cosmetology and Barber Examiners, Board of

Cotton Growers’ Organization

County Employees Retirement Fund Board of Directors

Credit Union Commission

Credit Unions, Division of

Dam and Reservoir Safety Council

Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Missouri Commission for the

Dental Board

Dental Hygienists, Advisory Commission for

Development Finance Board

Developmental Disabilities Council, Missouri

Developmental Disabilities, Division of

Dietitians, State Committee of

Drug Utilization Review Board

Early Childhood, Coordinating Board for

Economic Development, Department of

Economic Research and Information Center, Missouri (MERIC)

Education Commission of the States

Education, State Board of

Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of

Elevator Safety Board

Emancipation Day Commission

Embalmers and Funeral Directors, State Board of

Emergency Medical Services, State Advisory Council on

Emergency Response Commission

Employment Security, Division of

Energy, Division of

Entrepreneurial Development Council

Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority

Equal Opportunity, Missouri Office of

Ethics Commission

Facilities Management, Design and Construction, Division of

Family Trust Board of Trustees

Ferguson Commission – STL Positive Change

Film Commission

Fire Safety, Division of

Gaming Commission

General Assembly

General Services, Division of

Genetic Disease Advisory Committee

Geographic Names, Missouri Board of

Geological Survey, Missouri

Geologist Registration, Board of

Governor’s Committee to End Homelessness

Governor’s Council on Disability

Governor’s Office

Harris-Stowe State University Board of Regents

Hazardous Waste Management Commission

Health & Senior Services, Department of

Health Facilities Review Committee

Health Insurance Pool, Missouri

Health and Educational Facilities Authority

Health, State Board of

Hearing Instrument Specialists, Board of Examiners for

Higher Education Loan Authority, Missouri (MOHELA)

Higher Education, Coordinating Board for

Higher Education, Department of

Highway Patrol, Missouri State

Highways and Transportation Commission, State

Hispanic Business, Trade and Culture Commission

Historic Preservation, Missouri Advisory Council on

Historical Records Advisory Board, Missouri (MHRAB)

Holocaust Education and Awareness Commission

Homeland Security Advisory Council

Horse Racing Commission, MIssouri

House of Representatives, Missouri

Housing Development Commission, Missouri

Human Rights, Commission on

Humanities Council, Missouri

Information Technology Services Division

Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration, Department of

Interagency Coordinating Council, State (SICC)

Interior Design Council

Interpreters, Committee of

Interstate Compact on Education Opportunity for Military Children

Interstate Mining Compact Commission

Investment Trust Board of Trustees, Missouri

Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners

Jackson County Sports Complex Authority

Judiciary, Missouri

Juvenile Justice Advisory Group, Missouri

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners

Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners

Labor Standards, Division of

Labor and Industrial Relations Commission

Labor and Industrial Relations, Department of

Land Reclamation Commission

Life Sciences Research Board

Lincoln University Board of Curators

Linked Deposits Review Committee

Linn State Technical College Board of Regents

Local Government Employees Retirement System Board of Trustees, Missouri

Lottery Commission, State

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact Advisory Committee

Lt. Governor

MO HealthNet Oversight Committee

Marital and Family Therapists, State Committee of

Medal of Valor Review Board, Missouri

Mediation, State Board of

Mental Health Commission

Mental Health, Missouri Department of

Mid-America Port Commission

Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission (MIPRC)

Midwestern Higher Education Commission

Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission, MIssouri

Milk Board, State

Minority Business Advocacy Commission, Missouri

Minority and Underrepresented Environmental Literacy Program

Mississippi River Parkway Commission

Missouri Southern State University Board of Governors

Missouri State Capitol Commission

Missouri State Employees’ Voluntary Life Insurance Commission

Missouri State University Board of Governors

Missouri Western State University Board of Governors

Missouri Workforce Investment Board

Multistate Tax Commission

Natural Resources, Department of

Northwest Missouri State University Board of Regents

Nursing, State Board of

Occupational Therapy, Board of

Oil and Gas Council

Optometry, Board of

Organ Donation Advisory Committee

Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission

Personnel Advisory Board

Personnel, Division of

Pet Spay/Neuter Fund Board, Missouri

Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund Board of Trustees

Pharmacy, Board of

Physical Fitness and Health, Governor’s Advisory Council on

Physical Therapists, Advisory Commission for

Physician Assistants, Advisory Commission for

Platte County Election Board

Podiatric Medicine, Board of

Private Investigator Examiners, Board of

Probation and Parole, Board of

Professional Counselors, Committee for

Professional Services Payment Committee

Propane Gas Commission, Missouri

Psychologists, Committee of

Public Buildings, Board of

Public Counsel, Office of the

Public Defender Commission

Public Defender, State

Public Entity Risk Management, Missouri

Public Safety, Department of

Public School Retirement System of Missouri, Board of Trustees

Public Service Commission

Purchasing and Materials Management, Division of

Quality Home Care Council, Missouri

Real Estate Appraisers’ Commission

Real Estate Commission

Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority

Registration for the Healing Arts, Missouri Board of

Rehabilitation Advisory Council for the Blind

Rehabilitation Council

Residential Mortgage Board

Respiratory Care, Board for

Retirement, Removal and Discipline of Judges, Commission on

Revenue, Department of

RxPlan Advisory Commission, Missouri

Safe Drinking Water Commission

Secretary of State

Seismic Safety Commission

Senate, Missouri

Senior Services, State Board of

Sentencing Advisory Commission

Sheriff Methamphetamine Relief Taskforce

Small Business Compliance Advisory Committee

Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board

Social Services, Department of

Social Workers, Committee for

Soil and Water Districts Commission

Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents

Special Health, Psychological and Social Needs of Minority Older Individuals Commission

St. Charles County Convention & Sports Facilities Authority

St. Louis City Board of Election Commissioners

St. Louis City Board of Police Commissioners

St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission

St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners

State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision

State Courts Administrator, Office of

State Employees’ Retirement System Board of Trustees, Missouri (MOSERS)

State Fair Commission

State Park Advisory Board, Missouri

State Parks, Division of

State Penitentiary Redevelopment Commission, Missouri

State Tax Commission

Statewide Independent Living Council (MOSILC)

Supreme Court

Tax Credit Review Commission

Technology Corporation, Missouri

Therapeutic Massage, Board of

Tourism Commission

Tourism, Division of

Transportation, Department of

Treasurer’s Office

Truman State University Board of Governors

Unemployment Council

University of Central Missouri Board of Governors

University of Missouri Board of Curators

Unmarked Human Burial Consultation Committee

Veterans Commission

Veterinary Medical Board

Well Installation Board

Wine and Grape Board

Women’s Council

Workers’ Compensation Determination Review Board

Workers’ Compensation, Division of

Workforce Development, Division of

Youth Services, Division of