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California State Page

California Governor’s Office

California State Senate

California State Assembly

California Secretary of State

Office of Attorney General

Office of State Public Defender

Office of State Treasurer

California Dept. of Agriculture

California Dept. of Banking

CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs

California Dept. of Conservation

California Dept. of Corporations

California Dept. of Corrections

California Dept. of Education

California Dept. of Finance

CA Dept. of Financial Inst.

California Dept.of Housing

CA Dept. of Industrial Relations

California Dept. of Insurance

California Dept. of Justice

California Dept. of Mental Health

California Dept. of Real Estate

CA Dept. of Social Services

California Dept. of Transportation

CA Dept. of Water Resources

DMV Home Page

CAL Environmental Protection


California State Archives

California Highway Patrol


ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control)

Accountancy Bfoard of Acupuncture Board

Administrative Hearings, Office of

Administrative Law Office of Aging Defpt of Agricultural Export Program

Agricultural Labor Relations Board

Agricultural Statistics Service

Agriculture, Department of Food and


Office of Air Resources Board

Alcoholic Beverage Control

FDept of Allocation Board

Analytical Chemistry, Center forAnimal Health and Food Safety


Anti-Terrorism Information Center

Appraisers, Office of Real Estate

Apprenticeship Standards,

Division ofArchitects Board

Archives, California State

Arts, California State Summer School for the

Arts Council

Athletic Commission

Attorney General

Audits, Bureau of

Automotive Repair, Bureau of


Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Behavioral Sciencesf

Board of Biodiversity Council

Blind, Office of Services to the

Board of Equalization

Boating and Waterways, Department of

Border Health, California Office of Binational

Braille and Talking Book Library

Building Standards Commission

Business, Transportation and Housing Agency


Cal Boating (Department of Boating and Waterways)

California Coastal Commission

California Code of Regulations

California Constitution Revision Commission

California Council for the Humanities

California State Parks

California Maritime Academy

Cemetery and Funeral Bureau

Charitable Trusts, Registrar ofChild Abuse Prevention, Office of

Child Development Policy Advisory Committee

Child Support Services, Department of

Children & Families Commission

Children and Family Services Division

Communicable Disease Control,

Division ofCommunity Services and Development, Department of

Compensation Insurance Fund, State

Complaint Mediation Program

Conservation Corps

Conservation, Department of Constitution Revision Commission

Consumer Affairs,
Department ofConsumer Information Center

Consumer Power and Conservation Financing Authority

Contractors State License Board

Contracts Register Program,
California StateController,
California StateCorporations,
Department ofCosmetology,
Bureau of Barbering and

County Government,
Institute forCourt Reporters Board

Courts, Administrative Office of the
Courts of Appeal

Credentialing, California Commission on Teacher

Crime and Violence Prevention Center

Criminal Justice Planning,
Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Statistics Center

Criminalistic Institute Forensic Library

CSGnet Network Management

CYA (California Youth Authority)


Dams, Division of Safety of
Data Exchange Center (Department of Water Resources)

DataQuest (Department of Education)
Deaf Access,
Office ofDebt and Investment Advisory Commission

Delta Protection Commission

Demographic Research Unit

Dental Auxiliaries, Committee on

Dental Board of California

Developmental Disabilities,

Developmental Disabilities,
Area Boards onDevelopmental Disabilities,
State Council onDevelopmental Services, Department ofDirectory,
California OnlineDisabled Persons, Governor’s Committee for Employment ofDisabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification ProgramDistributed Learning, Center for (California State University)


Ecological Program,
InteragencyEconomic Assistance: Business & Community Resources

Economic Development Division

Economic Incentive Programs

Education, Department of

Institute forEducation,
State Board ofEducational Facilities Authority

Elections Division (Secretary of State)

Electricity Oversight Board

Electronic and Appliance Repair, Bureau of

Emergency Medical Services Authority
Emergency Services,
Governor’s Office of Employment Development Department (EDD)

Employment Training Panel

Energy Commission

Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board for Professional

Environment, Information Center for the

Environmental & Occupational Disease Control, Div ofEnvironmental Health Hazard Assessment, Office ofEnvironmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA)

Environmental Resources Evaluation System, California (CERES)

Equalization, Board of

Export Development, Office of

Export Finance Office

Export Laboratory Services

Exposition and State Fair (Cal Expo)


Fair Employment and Housing, Department of

Fair Political Practices Commission

Fairs and Expositions Division

Film Commission

Finance, Department of

Financial Institutions,
Depart ofFire and Resource Assessment Program

Fire Marshal, Office of the State

Firearms Division, Department of Justice

Fiscal Services (Department of General Services)
Fish and Game Commission

Fish and Game, Department of

Fleet Administration, Office of

Floodplain Management

Foreign Investment, Office of

Forensic Library,
California Criminalistic Institute

Forestry and Fire Protection, Department of (CDF)Franchise Tax Board Food and Agriculture, Department of


General Services,
Dept ofGeographic Information Systems (GIS), CaliforniaGeological Survey, California

Geologists and Geophysicists,
California Board for
Geospatial Information Library, California GIS (Geographic Information Systems),

GIS (Geographic Information Systems),
CaliforniaGO SERV
Golden State Museum
Government Claims & Victim Compensation Board



Health and Human Services Agency

Health and Safety & Workers’ Compensation, Commission on

Health Hazard Assessment,
Office of Environmental

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Implementation

Health Planning and Development, Office of Statewide

Health Services,
Dept ofHealthy Families Program

Hearing Aid Dispensers Bureau

High-Speed Rail Authority

Highway Patrol, California (CHP)

HIPAA Implementation, California Office ofHistoric Preservation, Office ofHome Furnishings and Thermal Insulation,
Bureau ofHorse Racing Board

Housing and Community Development,
Dept ofHousing Finance Agency
Humanities, California Council for the


Indoor Air Quality Program

Infants and Mothers,
Access forInFoPeople

Information Center for the Environment
Infrastructure & Economic Development Bank

Innovation in Government,
Govr’s Off forInspector General for Veterans Affairs,
Office of theInspector General,
Office of theInstitute for County Government

Institute for Education ReformInsurance,
Department ofIntegrated Waste Management Board

Interagency Ecological Program

International Trade and Investment Division


Job Service

Judicial Council of California

Judicial Performance,
Commission onJustice, Department of


Labor Market Information Division

Labor Standards Enforcement,
Division ofLabor Statistics & Research,
Division ofLand Resource Protection,
Division ofLand Surveyors,
Board for Professional Engineers and

Land Use Planning Information Network (LUPIN)

Lands Commission

Landscape Architects Technical Committee

Law Revision Commission

Learn California

Legal Services,
Office ofLegislative Analyst’s Office

Library of California


Major Corporate Projects

Major Risk Medical Insurance Program
Managed Health Care,
Department ofManaged Risk Medical Insurance BoardMandates,
Commission on State

Maritime Academy,
CaliforniaMeasurement Standards, Division ofMediation & Conciliation Service,

Medical Board of California

Medical Care Services

Medical Insurance Program,
Major RiskMental Health,
Department ofMentoring Partnership, Governor’sMexico-California Affairs, Office ofMilitary Base Retention, Office ofMilton Marks “Little Hoover” CommissionMine Reclamation,
Office ofMines and Geology,
Division ofMining and Geology Board

Motor Vehicle Board,
NewMotor Vehicles, Deptof (DMV)


National Guard, California

Native American Heritage Commission
Natural Community Conservation Planning Program

New Motor Vehicle Board

Nursing Home Administrator Program


OSHA Appeals Board

OSHA Standards Board

Ocean Resources Management Progm
Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources, Division ofOne California,

Lieutenant Governor’s Commission for

Online Directory,
CaliforniaOpinion Unit,
Department of Justice

Optometry, Board of
Osteopathic Medical Board of California


Pacific Health Advantage (The Health Insurance Plan of California)

Park and Recreation Commission
Parks and Recreation,
Department ofPatient Advocate,
Office of thePermit Assistance Centers Program
Permit Assistance,
Office ofPersonnel Administration,
Department ofPersonnel Board

Pesticide Regulation,
Department ofPharmacy,
Board ofPhysical Fitness & Sports,
Governor’s Council onPhysical Therapy Board

Physician Assistant Committee

Planning and Research, Governor’s Office of
Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services

Podiatric Medicine,
Board ofPolitical Reform Division (Secretary of State)

Pollution Control Financing Authority

POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training)

Postsecondary Education Commission

Power and Conservation Financing Authority, ConsumerPrison Industry Authority

Prison Terms,
Board ofPrivacy Protection,
Office ofProcurement Division

Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board forPsychology,
Board ofPublic Defender,
Office of the State Office of the StatePublic Employees’ Retirement System (PERS)

Public Employment Relations Board (PERB)

Public Inquiry Unit (Consumer Information), Department of Justice

Publishing, Office of State

PUC (Public Utilities Commission)


Real Estate Appraisers,
Office ofReal Estate,
Department ofReal Estate Services Division

Reclamation BoardRecycling,
Division ofRefugee Programs Branch

Regional Water Quality Control Boards

Registered Nursing,
Board ofRegistered Veterinary Technician Committee

Registrar of Charitable Trusts
California Code ofRehabilitation,
Department ofResources Agency

Respiratory Care Board

Risk and Insurance Management, Office of
Rivers Assessment, California

Rural Economic Development Infrastructure Program

Rural Health Policy Council


SAM (State Administrative Manual)

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy School to CareerScience Center, California

SDI (State Disability Insurance)

Secretary of State

Security and Investigative Services,
Bureau ofSeismic Safety Commission

Self Insurance Plans (SIP)
Small Business,
Governor’s Office forSmall Business,
Office of Smog Check Information Center

Social Services,
Dept ofSpatial Information Library, CaliforniaSpeech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board

STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting)

State and Consumer Services Agency
State Architect

State Compensation Insurance Fund

State Fair (Cal Expo)

State Jobs Employment Information
State Mandates,
Commission onStatus of Women, Commission onSTRS (California State Teachers’ Retirement System)


Tahoe Conservancy

Tax Information Center

Teacher Credentialing, Commission on

Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)

Teaching Careers,
California Center for (CalTeach)

Teale Data Center

Technology, Trade & Commerce Agency

Telecommunications Division

Telephone Medical Advice Services

Terrorism (Anti-Terrorism Information Center)

California Division ofToxic Substances Control,
Department ofTraffic Safety,
Office ofTraining Center

Transportation Commission

Transportation, Department of (Caltrans)
Treasurer, State


Unclaimed Property Program

Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

Unemployment Insurance Program

University of California


Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Program,
DisabledVeterans Affairs,
Department of Veterinary Medical Board
Veterinary Technician Committee,
RegisteredVictim Compensation & Government Claims Bd

Vital Records,
Office ofVocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians,
Board ofVoter Registration (Secretary of State)


Waste Management Board,
IntegratedWater Commission
Water Education,
Office ofWater Project,
California StateWater Quality Control Boards, RegionalWater Resources Control Board

Water Resources,
Department ofWaterways,
Department of Boating

Welfare to Work Division

Wetlands Information System

Wildlife and Habitat Data Analysis Branch

Wildlife Conservation Board

Women, Commission on the Status of
Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

Workers’ Compensation,
Commission on Health and Safety

Workers’ Compensation,
Division ofWorkforce Development,
Policy and Interagency Relations

Workforce Investment Board


Youth and Adult Correctional Agency

Youth Authority, California (CYA)