Attorney Et Al virtually created computerized legal education as we know it now in 1995 when it developed the first computer program to verify completion of an online or cdrom cle program. This allowed for the first time completion on an online or cdrom course to be treated the same as a live lecture. Attorney Et Al did not patent its technology but instead gave it free to the world. Attorney et El followed the principle of Benjamin Franklin who never patented any of his inventions. His life motto was,

Do well by doing Good”

As a result of Attorney Et Al’s actions, virtually very university, college and educational institution offers distant learning programs based on the verification of attendance technology pioneered by Attorney Et Al and given free to the world to promote education worldwide.

Now Attorney Et Al is once again extending education in the legal profession having created the first complete social media site by Attorneys for the Legal Profession. The site is free in all aspects. Revenue is derived solely on advertisements which is based on viewage

Nonattorneys can use this site to search for an attorney, pose questions to attorneys on their legal issues and review the expert legal articles posted by an attorney as well as an attorney’s  blog before deciding whether to contact the attorney.

So to maximize viewage and traffic to the site, Attorney Et Al has designed and will continue to improve its site by every means possible so as to attract virtually every attorney and legal professional to use its free services.

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Sen. Cory Booker has co-sponsored legislation requiring wider use of the agency’s terrorist watch list by train operators and increase canine use for road and rail transport

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Houston gunman who wounded 9 previously worked for Dallas County DA’s office

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