Get a Hassle-Free Dining Experience: Best Food Delivery in Train
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Get a Hassle-Free Dining Experience: Best Food Delivery in Train

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Are you the one who regrets not packing enough food for your train journey or someone who has to frequently travel in groups where everyone ends up discussing food because they miss it? If so, you’ll be delighted that you can now order food online on the train. RailRestro is here to serve you the best food delivery in trains. Put an end to your cravings while watching a sitcom on your train journey by ordering popular food varieties available in Trains with RailRestro.

Ensuring a unique dining experience on wheels via the Best food delivery in train

Enjoy a hassle-free dining experience with RailRestro providing the best food delivery in trains. It keeps in mind all necessary checkpoints that can make your experience smooth, like: Easier planning: It provides a way to plan your meals ahead, with proper observation of your dietary preferences based on restaurant enlistment and pre-shared menus. So, look forward to more train journeys and enjoy an exciting dining experience with RailRestro, which is committed to providing the best food delivery in trains. Wide range to satiate your taste buds: What can an experience count for without authentic and wholesome food? A happy tummy makes a customer happy. RailRestro’s food in train services caters to over 5000 trains and 700+ stations, offering a wide range of hygienically-prepared snacks, meals, and beverages, including North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Continental, Jain Thali, and much more. A unique blend of food and culture: Food has the power to unite people. It familiarises and connects you with different places. RailRestro provides you with the experience of enjoying food from every place that you cross on your journey. So, now you can enjoy the Galawati Kebab of Lucknow and enjoy that beautiful emotion without even getting down in Lucknow.

Why RailRestro is your ideal travel partner

It offers you umpteen foods in train options while ensuring high standards of quality and affordability are retaine; however, let’s see why it is the best food delivery app in train: One-stop solution: RailRestro caters to all essential requirements of an Indian Railway. We are not only restricted to keeping up with the train food needs, but we diversify our services to provide a wholesome resolution to railway enquiries with our one-touch app. High-Quality and Hygienically Prepared Food: Choose From a variety of Khana in Train, including Premium Veg Thali, South Indian, North Indian, Biryani, Pizza, & Jain Food & More From Trusted Restaurants. The cherry on the cake is that all your favourite food items are readily available. Trusted FSSAI-approved restaurant partners: Apart from the fact that you get a plethora of food items to dial down your hunger, its quality is guaranteed at the back end. Being an official e-catering partner, we adhere to FSSAI guidelines and assure strict quality assurance. Thus freely Order Delicious food in Trains from FSSAI-approved restaurants across 400+ stations in India. Group Food Order in Train: Avail specially designed offers and packages for group travellers. The aim is to meet every demand of the group and ensure that the frequent traveller, working groups or family on a trip enjoy the food that they want. More than 30 Lakhs meals delivered in trains: The happiness that one gets after delivering food to the one who is craving it is immense. And, the happiness is double by reading those testimonials and reviews that they share. We are proud to be Rate 4.6 by verified customers who ordered food in trains from Railrestro. Smooth ordering: The aim is to make the experience of food ordering easier. You can view our Restaurant, Menu and Pricing and place your order either online on our
    • website
    • Download RailRestro App to Order Food in Train:
    • Call: 81022 02203
You can place food in train orders with RailRestro in advance or a minimum of one hour before your train leaves your boarding station. To add to the seamless food ordering process, we enabled ordering via Whatsapp. Therefore, there is no hindrance in ordering with us and ensuring a full tummy while on your train journey.


Travelling in India is something we always look forward to, and online food delivery services here to make that experience even more enriching and celebratory. Online food delivery services provide a practical and smoothest way to order food and make travel arrangements. You have a plethora of options, including regional delicacies and nutritious meals. So you can satisfy your appetite and keep yourself energised while travelling. It is a suitable method to make your journey even more memorable because food is love for everyone. So, sit back and relax when on your train journey because we have got you covere. Let RailRestro become your travel partner and one-stop solution for all your queries. Install the best food delivery in train app and order away. We look forward to delivering your favourite dishes on the train. More Info RailRestro

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