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Do you have legal questions and need to ask a lawyer for free about your issues? Attorney Et Al is here to help. We have creating the very first community for attorneys to advertise and promote their service for Free in a social media platform. This community also provides you the ability to ask and lawyer questions for Free.

How to Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Our social media based system for attorneys is the perfect solutions. You can ask questions in our bulletin board community and real attorneys are available to answer your questions. For those seeking free lawyer consultations, we are here to help.

Ask a lawyer for Free

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Are you looking for a lawyer is you area with a specific practice? We have built a directory of attorneys so you can find the right representation. Even if you are planning on paying for a lawyer for your legal issues, it’s still a good idea to review your issues with a few attorneys before you hire one. Most people would not hire a contractor to work on their house without at least a few different bids. When legal issues come up, it can be an emotional time and it’s tempting to hire the first attorney that calms your fears. The smart move is to research your case, and being able to ask a layer for free about the basics is a worthy first step.

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A social media platform for lawyers

It can be difficult to ask a lawyer for free legal advice. Lawyers have spent a great deal of time and money to become one, so their time is expensive. Our social media platform provides them with a valuable service to advertise their services, and in exchange the can answer questions to help promote their law firm, and is come cases build a relationship with a potential customer.

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